Seager Memorial Clinic

The Seager Memorial Clinic has been open for more than 26 years serving the homeless, indigent, and working poor of Northern Utah. Free medical and dental care is provided by 100% volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists, and pharmacists. Recently, doctors have seen an increase in patients needing care for chronic diseases such as diabetes, COPD, and mental illness. In response to this need, Seager Clinic Volunteers have began offering several specialty clinics in addition to routine medical care. The goals of the diabetic clinic are that patients will see a consistent provider to receive education on diet, diabetes care, and healthy lifestyles. They will see an eye and foot doctor once per year. Patients will receive meters and test strips, and free medications so they can manage their blood sugar while increasing their quality of life. Many of the patients seen at the Seager Memorial Clinic are homeless or live in shelters or low-cost housing and do not have any other access to healthcare. By managing their chronic condition they avoid compounding their health issues.

Source: Ksl.com