Legacy Donor Program

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For every $69.00 donation, one patient can be seen and treated at the Seager Clinic. The value of this visit is well over $200 – because it includes evaluation by a physician/dentist, treatment and medication. Therefore, every dollar donated brings almost a 15x return on investment!

Dollars donated are used to purchase medical equipment, medications for patients, immunizations, medical supplies, eyeglasses, office and cleaning supplies.

The Board is committed to good stewardship of the funds entrusted to them.

Donations can be made to the Seager Memorial Clinic, PO Box 150143, Ogden, UT 84415, through PayPal by clicking the yellow “Donate” button below, or via Venmo at @seagerclinic. CLICK HERE to purchase an item for the clinic from our Amazon Wishlist.

Consider also making your purchases through and choosing the Seager Memorial Clinic as the non-profit recipient (0.5% of your purchase would come to the Seager Clinic), or by making the Seager Memorial Clinic your charity through the Smith’s Inspiring Donations program (see home page for details).

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The Seager Clinic wishes to thank our 2021 Donors:References:

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From Dr. Scott Swift (volunteer physician)
“The Seager Clinic has provided hope for the hopeless, care for the uncared for, and the human touch for the untouchable. What an opportunity for those with no needs to interact with those with endless needs. I can’t express how thankful the people I treat at the clinic are for the existence of the Seager Clinic, but more important, those who support the Clinic from a distance. A true miracle, a seemingly uncaring society caring for those with no political, economical, or social powerbase. I wish the voices from the people who frequent the clinic could be heard by the true supporters of the clinic.”