For every $6.00 donation, one patient can be treated at Seager Memorial Clinic.

Seager Memorial Clinic is a 501c3 non-profit organization located inside of the Ogden Rescue Mission in Ogden City, Utah.

The clinic provides medical care for podiatry, ophthalmology, mental health, dentistry, wellness, chronic and acute illness/disease management with prescription assistance and immunizations as available.

Nearly 100 volunteers staff the clinic. All of the healthcare providers are volunteers committed to the health and welfare of the patients they serve. Top professionals in the area administer medical and dental care with the only reward being an immeasurable amount of goodwill and compassion. Additionally, the entire Board, as well as the Clinic Coordinator are volunteer positions. There is no financial or other incentive.

Professionals serve both as a Volunteer Governing Board and as practicing health care providers; these include but are not limited to nurses, physicians, dentists, educators, and social workers.

Average cost in 2015 was $5.72 per patient,

Every cent is used to treat the patient, most of which is required to purchase pharmacy items and medical supplies.

  • 2015 clinic visits were up by 21% year to date with rise in the homeless population coinciding with a disproportionate working poor.
  • 29 percent of Utah homeless persons are children,
  • 38 percent of Utah homeless persons experience mental illness or substance abuse,
  • 35 percent of Utah homeless report domestic violence (Day, et al, 2014. p.4).



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